Sony RX100 VI Underwater Housings

Buyers Guide for Sony RX100 VI underwater housing


Sony RX100 VI underwater housing

Ikelite Sony RX100 VI Underwater Housing

*Quality Construction, Compact Design*

The Ikelite Housing for Sony RX100 VI is constructed from the new white-colored polycarbonate blend, which is lighter and stronger allowing for a smaller housing than previous models. It has a clear backplate which enables you to see inside the housing for quick identification of an issue underwater. The housing offers interchangable ports to accomodate for the Sony RX100 VI's new lens capabilities, so you can prepare ahead of time if you plan to shoot macro or wide. It also offers fiber optic ports that can be used to fire strobes, and supports an optional vacuum check system.



Fantasea Sony RX100 VI Underwater Housing

*Great Performance with Fantastic Value*

The Fantasea RX100 VI Underwater Housing is a well-designed, polycarbonate housing with full camera functionality available. The housing uses a double o-ring seal system, and includes a leak detector and audible moisture alarm which provides extra peace of mind. The controls such as knobs, dials and buttons matches the camera's layout, ensuring access to camera controls. It does limit the camera lens to 24-66mm. But the port is built with a 67mm thread, and it functions well with a number of wet lenses.


Nauticam NA-RX100VUnderwater Housing

*Machined Aluminum, Well Designed, Great Ergonomics*

The Nauticam NA-RX100VI Underwater Housing is an expertly crafted aluminum housing. It is rated to 100m (330ft) deep. The housing design focuses on ergonomics, with all controls optomized to be within reach of your fingers. It is compatible with a range of useful accessories from Nauticam, including the vacuum check with internal indicator light in case the vacuum is lost, and a bayonet adapter option for wet lenses (such as the Nauticam Super Macro Converters). If offers interchangeable ports so you can attach both macro and wide angle wet lenses depending on the dive and your photography goals. It also supports an external video monitor via a bulkhead. 

Check out the all in one Nauticam RX100VI Pro Package. This includes the housing, dual handle flexitray with ball mounts, and vacuum bulkhead with the pump kit. 


Isotta Sony RX100 VI, VII Underwater Housing

*Stylish, Unique Locking Design, Double O-Ring and Robust*

The Isotta Sony RX100 VI, VII Underwater Housing is a top-notch underwater housing made from high-grade aluminum material and is packed with lots of amazing features. It has been designed to withstand the harshed condition and at the same time easy to operate & setup. It has a unique locking design with a double o-ring seal system which gives you the peace of mind that the camera is always safe inside the housing. In addition, it comes with a recutangular port which can accomodate the full zoom range of the camera. Optional ports such as the compact & macro ports are also compatible which makes it flexible to the type of shooting you prefer. The housing is also very stylish with its red anodized finish!




The Sony RX100 VI Camera is arguably the cream of the crop for compact cameras currently on the market. It features a broad zoom range with lightning fast auto-focus, and is a great all-around camera for both topside and underwater. Improvements from the previous RX100 V camera include a longer zoom - up to 200mm, an improved processor, and better low light performance, and improved image stabilization - up to 4 stops of control. Improved autofocus offers 315 points of control using both phase and contrast detection for extremly fast focusing. Focus tracking and continuous auto focus shooting has also been optimized, so you will never miss that crucial moment. Although the Sony RX100 VI's enhanced zoom makes it perfect for macro and supermacro photography, it's important to note that seperate ports will be needed for wide angle and macro wet lenses due to the expanded lens lenght. If you wish to use macro and wide wet lenses on the same dive with a singular port, be sure to check out the Sony RX100 VA and underwater housing options.

Quick Specs:

  • 20.1MP Exmor RS stacked CMOS image sensor with DRAM chip 
  • Upgraded BIONZ X image processing system 
  • Increase magnification which uses 24-200mm, f/2.8-4.5 lens
  • Lightning fast AF perfomance (Fast Hybrid AF system)
  • 315-point phase-detection AF points 
  • High speed shooting @ 24fps AF/AE tracking
  • 4K Video
  • Slow motion 


Sample Sony RX100 VI Photo

Uncropped, supermacro photo of calcareous tube worm arms photographed with the Sony RX100 VI and Nauticam SMC. 1/200, f/11, ISO-200






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