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An underwater snoot generally looks how it sounds. It is a device or a tube which is meant to narrow down a beam of light from your underwater strobe or video light in order to highlight your subject. Underwater photographers employ this creative tool to produce very striking and creative photos with sharp contrast and often black backgrounds. Because the beam from a snoot is small, it highlights a small area, leaving the rest of the image to exposed (or not exposed) by ambient light.

When you are shopping for an underwater snoot, there are a few things to keep in mind. Aiming a snoot beam is very difficult. Some snoots have a built-in targeting light that helps you aim the beam on your subject before you take the shot. Other underwater snoots are compatible wih the targeting light from a certain strobe that they can also use to aim. Some snoots don't have targeting lights, but they do have flexible arms to help aim their beam. These snoots are called "fiber optic snoots," and they use a bundle of fiber optic cables to move light from your light source to the subject. All snoots take some time to get used to. 


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Reefnet Fiber Optic Snoot

*Flexible for Quick & Easy Aiming, Choose 1 or 2 Light Points*

The Reefnet Fiber Optic Snoot has a simple yet very effective design. It is built from a 3D printed strobe mount with locline arms and fiber optic cables that carry light through the center of each arm. The fiber optic cables are bundled into multiples for optimal light transmission. The flexible arms are also an advantage for easy and quick aiming. An optional second arm can be attached which gives you the versatility of having two light sources for more creative options. While the Reefnet snoot doesn't have a targeting light, we find it to be easy to use after some practice. We recommend visualizing the distance between the snoot and practice subject and use the same visualized distance on real subjects.

  • supports up to two flexible arms which gives you options of have more points of light.
  • Fiber optics provides good light transmission
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • No electronics and durable
  • No aiming or guide light

10Bar Snoot

*Laser Guided Aiming for Superior Accuracy*

The 10Bar Snoot is made from machined aluminum material which also features a guiding laser to provides great accuracy when shooting. The diameter of the snoot can be adjusted by unscrewing the small tube from the body. It is also lightweight and easy to travel with.

  • Easy to aim with its laser guide
  • Adjustable diameter of light beam
  • Easy to travel with
  • Afforable price
  • Batteries are required for the laser guiding system.

Retra Light Shaping Device (LSD)

*Multiple Options*

The Retra Light Shaping Device is the ultimate snoot for strobes. This snoot narrows the light beam from the strobe and focuses it into a smaller diameter. The long tube has glass lenses that produce a bright and clean light. It also features a mask set that creates different sized cut outs for creative shapes. The focus light on your strobe can be used as a guide light which helps in aiming.

  •  The lens optics of the snoot produces clean and bright beam
  • Multiple light shaping option via creative mask kit
  • Various strobe mounts available for many popular strobes.
  • Larger footprint, heavier and costs more compared to other snoots.

Kraken Snoot Light

*Compact & Lightweight, Versitile, Affordable *

The Kraken Snoot Light is a very versitle snoot for macro video shooters. The removable tip can be detached and the light can be used as a focus light. The light is also compact which can illuminate subjects even in tight spaces. 

  • Can also be used as a focus light when the removable tip is detached
  • Can be hand-held
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Long burn time

Sea & Sea YS-D3 Snoot (Strobe Not Included)

*Designed for YS-D3, Removable Underwater*

The Sea & Sea YS-D3 Snoot is an awesome snoot attachment for the Sea & Sea YS-D3 Strobe which allows you to concentrate the light source to a single point. It is lightweight and can be attached and removed underwater. It also has an internal prizm which aligns to the strobes pilot light to help target your subject when shooting.

  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Can be attached and removed underwater
  • Designed to be used with Sea & Sea YS-D3 Strobe
  • 25mm snoot opening

Read more about the Sea & Sea YS-D3 Snoot Here


DivePro M10 SuperMacro Snoot Light

*Compact, Includes Optical Condenser, Multiple Beam Angles*

The DivePro MP10 Snoot Light is a small, powerful, & compact snoot light, specifically designed for shooting supermacro video. Don't be deceived by its size - it packs a punch with its power output of 1,150LM. It's a versatile snoot device, allowing you to screw in various attachments to reduce the beam angle (72°,24°,3°) and uses optical lenses that condense the output. The snoot light can serve as your backup dive light (without any attachment). The battery life is also awesome - it has a run-time of 110mins.

  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Includes Optical Condenser
  • Multiple options of Beam Angle - 3° best suited for super macro
  • AI Stepless Dimming
  • Memory Function - It retains the last power setting used.
  • CRI: 80
  • Color Temperature: 5000K

DivePro M30 Snoot Light

*Small & Compact, Narrow Beam Angle, Easy to Operate*

The DivePro MP30 Snoot Light is a compact & small yet powerfulsnoot light with a narrow beam angle of -5. This is our favorite snoot light for underwater video because it uses a series of internal lenses to condense the light. This is the only snoot light on the market that will allow you to capture video with acceptable shutter speeds and ISOs - espeically if you want black background video. It's very easy to aim because the beam is traceable and looks like a search light underwater.

  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Includes Optical Condenser
  • Narrow Beam Angle - 5° 
  • Single Button Operation
  • Illuminated Battery Indicator
  • Powerful Output: 210,000 Lux (High), 100,000 Lux (Mid), 15,000 (Low)