Camera Releases Fall 2014

Video: Hot or Not Camera Releases Fall 2014

Hot or Not: Camera Releases Fall 2014

Canon G7X, Olympus E-PL7, Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D750

By Scott Gietler


Four new cameras have been released this fall. There's a lot of hype around the new systems, but which will be best for underwater photography? Which are worth purchasing and which are worth an upgrade from an older system?

Scott Gietler gives his initial thoughts on these questions and more in the videos below, based on their specs, new features, and our past experience. We will be testing these cameras in the next few weeks and publishing detailed reviews, so stay tuned! The E-PL7 and NIkon D750 are already out and our testing of these cameras is underway.


Canon G7X - compact


Olympus E-PL7 - mirrorless



Canon 7D Mark II - cropped sensor



Nikon D750 - full frame



We'll be announcing and completing detailed reviews of underwater housings for each of these cameras here and on the Underwater Photography Guide.


Contact Bluewater Photo with any questions on your current gear, upgrades or building the perfect system for one of these cameras.