The Best Dive Computers in 2024

The Best Dive Computers in 2024

Posted by Elma Kruger on May 3rd, 2024

Best scuba diving computers

This month we are excited to partnered with an extensive lineup of the best brands in the diving industry. Yes, that's right…  We are now selling DIVE GEAR

One of the first items any new diver things about buying is a  dive computer. A dive computer allows you to safely track and complete your dive avoiding potential pitfalls like decompression sickness. Some dive agencies don’t even teach the use dive tables anymore for tracking a dive. A quality dive computer will track your dive depth and dive time and will tell you how much time you have left underwater until you reach your no decompression limits - maximizing your bottom time. Some computers and consoles can receive air readings from your tank, telling you how much of your dive you have left, others are more simple and only track nitrogen levels in your body. Each one of these computers will lead you through a lifetime of safe diving.

Here is our list of the best of dive computers in 2024. All of these computers are available now  in store and on our website.

oceanic veo

1. Oceanic VEO

The Best Dive Computers for Students


Purchase you Oceanic VEO Here

Oceanic VEO: As a student, it’s good to get a solid foundation and understanding when it comes to the decompression modules and rules of scuba diving. This can be daunting in the beginning and could spoil the fun. Some new divers have anxiety as they have heard horrible stories about the risks involved in scuba diving. Put yourself at ease with the Oceanic VEO dive computer. Simple is key here and with an easy menu to navigate, it is a great computer for understanding dive tables, dive time, and depth. It is Nitrox compatible and can be ordered in a console or wrist component. The screen is easy to read with larger digits, allowing you to view your data in challenging dive conditions. The Oceanic VEO is Bluetooth compatible and connects with the DiverLog Application on your mobile device. With the app you have complete control over your dive settings, all at your fingertips, and you can view the data of completed dives. The battery is easy to replace and can be done by the diver. The battery can last up to 300 hours. This is definitely a computer I recommend to my students. There are both wrist and SPG console options available!

Mares Puck 4

2. Mares Puck 4

The Best Budget Dive Computer


Purchase you Mares Puck 4 Here

Mares Puck 4: This computer is packed with advanced technology that ensures safety. It’s programed with the Buhlmann ZH-L algorithm which will ensure accurate and reliable decompression information. Its compatible with Nitrox and tracks up to 100 dives. Integrated Bluetooth makes it simple to connect to your mobile device through the Mares app where you would be able to access all your dive data. The Puck 4 is easy to navigate with a single button, easy to read with large digits and the battery is easy to replace and can be done so by the diver. The digital logbook records up to 100 dives. Now that is a lot of value in a dive computer.

shearwater perdix dive computer 2

3. Shearwater Perdix 2

The Best Technical Dive Computer


Purchase you Shearwater Perdix 2 Here

Shearwater Perdix 2: Powerful, Simple and Reliable. Its armored casing, precision titanium bezel and titanium piezo touch buttons ensure the protection fits the performance. The 2.2-inch bright screen, guarded by an aluminosilicate glass lens offers improved clarity, impact resistance and damaged resistance. Air integration is a key feature of the Shearwater Perdix 2, allowing divers to connect to four Shearwater transmitters. This enables divers to grow from their first computer to a powerful, proven advanced technical diving solution. A great feature is that the batteries are user changeable. This ensures easy replacement and accessibility as it uses AA batteries. The Shearwater offers a range of diving modes. 

For recreational divers, the Perdix 2 offers a 3 gas Nitrox, capable of accommodating up to 3 gas mixtures. 

OC Technical: With this default trimix capability, the Perdix 2 is an excellent choice for divers engaged in open-circuit tec diving. This mode can be optional integrated. 

CC/BO: For closed circuit and bailout diving, the Perdix 2 offers the necessary features to ensure a safe and successful dive. With its Trimix enablement and constant PO2 for closed circuit, divers can rely on the Perdix 2 to provide accurate and crucial information. The Perdix 2 can be optional air integrated for diluent, O2 and bailout gasses. 

High resolution, easy to read display is practical and 30% smaller in volume than the Petrel 2, making it unobstructive and does not interfere with other equipment or impede the diver’s movement underwater. The Perdix 2 takes safety seriously and will vibrate once it needs to notify you of a warning. Bluetooth compatibility allows divers to easily connect to their mobile devices which includes PC, Mac, iPod and iPad ensuring effortless data transfer and synchronization.

Oceanic proplus 4.0 dive computer

4. Oceanic ProPlus 4.0

The Best Console Dive Computer


Purchase you Oceanic ProPlus 4.0 Here

Oceanic ProPlus 4.0: The ultimate companion for dives, the Oceanic ProPlus 4.0 offers cutting-edge technology. Boasting a sleek design, this computer takes your diving experience to new depths. With the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the ProPlus 4.0 allows divers to adjust and customize their dive features on the go, both before and after the dive. The display offers a wider font, making it easy to read. It offers a variety of modes which includes Air, Nitrox or Gauge modes. The compass makes navigation on point with side viewing windows. Safety is a priority with the Oceanic Pro Plus 4.0 and will warn you with an audible alarm and flashing LED light.

5. Garmin Descent MK3i

The Best All-Rounder


Purchase you Garmin Descent MK3i Here

Garmin Descent Mk3i: This computer is a huge favorite. This Garmin Descent Mk3i is so much more than a dive computer but should not be excluded from that title. So, let’s look at the features. It’s an excellent Health and fitness smart watch with multiple activity profiles which include running, swimming, biking, hiking, rowing, golfing to name a few. It can even monitor your current fitness level (VO2 Max) and your sleep patterns. 

Navigation – Garmin are the world leaders in navigation and gives you superior accuracy and positioning. This is a great feature to have when measuring your drifting distance as well as dive site exploration. 

Lifestyle features – Music can be played and downloaded from various accounts for phone free listening. It also offers contactless payments with Garmin Pay. Safety and tracking will send a message with your life location and the watch faces and data fields can be customized. Now let’s get to the dive capabilities. 

Dive modes – Single gas, nitrox, trimix and CCR (closed circuit rebreathers) 

Dive readiness – The computer calculates your activity and lifestyle status like sleeping and stress and will let you know how this effects your dive-readiness at this point in time. 

DiveView maps. Color maps on your wrist offers bathymetric depths and contours and more than 4000 dive sites to hep you discover new places and get orientated, no more getting lost. 

Dive Log- This feature automatically synchronizes with eh Garmin Dive app on your compatible smartphone allowing you to share and review data, post photos, track gear and take notes. 

Dive focused design – The Descent Mk3 features a 1.2-inch AMOULED display, providing clear readability, even in challenging underwater conditions. 

Air integration – You can monitor your tank pressure, remaining time, air consumption rate and more up to 5 tanks. 

Subwave Sonar Networking- Exchange preset diver-to-diver messages up to 30 meters as well as monitor tank pressures and depth for up to 8 divers within a rage of 10 meters.

6. Shearwater Peregrine TX

The Best Mid Range dive Computer


Purchase you Shearwater Peregrine TX Here

Shearwater Peregrine TX: The all new Shearwater Peregrine TX is a "mini Perdix"....and it's priced accordingly, making it our pick for best mid range dive computer. The latest version of the Peregrine dive computer has included air integration, like the Perdix, and thus it is an excellent computer for both newer divers and tech divers alike. It has a vibrant 2.2" LCD display with multiple dive modes including air, nitrox (up to 4%), three gas nitrox (up to 100% O2), and gauge. It is depth rated to 394ft (120m) and the simple LCD and two button design make it easy to navigate underwater. 

Some of the standout features of the Peregrine TX include an NDL planer, full decompression planner, and multiple conservatism options. This makes it malleable to the kind of diver you are and with enough features to be competitive in the mid-range market. For those that are tired of replacing batteries - the Peregrine TX comes with a wireless charging station! 

7. Aqualung I330R

The Best Mid Range dive Computer


Purchase you Aqualung I330 R Here

Aqualung i330R: This computer isn't just the best free diving computer on our list - it is one of the best when it comes to value for money! The Aqualung i330R is equipped with something not every dive computer has....This computer includes a free dive mode that tracks your nitrogen levels so you know when to switch from scuba to freediving. You can use the free dive mode to track the depth and timing of your tankless adventures as well. 

For scuba diving, the computer is Nitrox compatible and is great for advanced divers - but would not be our primary choice for technical diving. The ultra-bright color display makes it easy to read your settings in the brightest sun-lit conditions. But if you need more battery life, you can also adjust your brightness.

When you are done with your dive, the Aqualung i330R allows you to upload your dives wirelessly to your mobile device, making it exceptionally easy to log your dives with the DiverLog+ app. 

Enter COMPUTER10 upon checkout for 10% off your first purchase with us! 

There you have it. A large range of computers to suit the needs of every diver’s needs. Whether you are only starting out or are mixing gases and exploring caves. All the above-mentioned computers are now available on our website and in the store.

Our professional dive sales consultants are available to assist with any questions and will provide the best advise to help select the best suited computer. Just email!

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