Holiday Exclusive: Fantasea A6500 Housing Kit

Holiday Exclusive: Fantasea A6500 Housing Kit

Holiday Exclusive: Fantasea A6500 Housing Kit

The Fantasea A6500/A6300 Housing Kit: 

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The Fantasea underwater housing was designed to fit both the Sony A6300 and A6500.  What's new about the housing is that Fantasea has added a Hybrid Vacuum System which ensures your camera to be sealed inside the housing while underwater. The housing still features excellent ergonomic design, with access to all essential camera functions and is crafted to provide functionality, style and durability.  The package also includes a port and lens gear for Sony 16-50mm lens!
We have it at an unbeatable price! you can get your camera in the water for under $800!!
Package Inclusion:
- Fantasea A6500 A6300 V2 Underwater Housing
- Fantasea FML Flat Port 34
- Fantasea Lens Gear for Sony 16-50mm Lens - Included FREE!!
- Fantasea Hybrid Vacuum System
- Big News - you can switch between Macro and Wide Angle with this setup
- By using the UWL-09 wide-angle lens, or the Nauticam WWL-1 wet wide angle lens with the 16-50mm lens, you will have the ability to switch between macro and wide-angle on the same dive! The 16-50mm port for this housing has 67mm threads, and there are lens holders than can hold your macro and wide-angle lenses on your arms.

Change Lenses with Ease:

Utilize the best accessories available from Fantasea in order to quickly and easily change lenses underwater. The Fantasea Bayonet system makes it simple to remove and replace your wet lenses while diving. Using the Sony 16-50mm lens and flat port, you can add on the Bayonet pieces and have an excellent wide angle and macro set up all on the same dive. This is the most flexible mirrorless system for underwater photography.
For the Housing: Fantasea Bayonet Female on M67 Port
For the UWL-09F Wide Angle Lens: Fantasea Bayonet Male for UWL-09F
For your M67 Macro Lens: Fantasea Bayonet Male for 67mm Macro Lens
To hold your lenses when not in use: Fantasea Bayonet Female on Arm


Fantasea A6500 Features:

  • Full access to all essential camera buttons & functions with clearly marked controls
  • Depth rated to 60 meters / 200 feet
  • Shock resistant construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Double O-ring protection for a perfect watertight seal
  • Moisture Detector and Alarm, Hand Strap and Body Cap included at no additional cost!
  • Interchangeable lens port and lens gear system is available, allowing for the use of a wide range of lenses
  • Double fiber optic cable port
  • M16 port for a variety of connections, including HDMI, vacuum valve or electronic strobe triggering bulkheads
  • Shutter release extension available for easy access when using housing tray and handles
  • Additional optional housing accessories are available


  • 1 year Manufacturer's warranty

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