New Kraken Compact Wide Lens!

New Kraken Compact Wide Lens!

New Kraken Compact Wide Lens!

Kraken Compact Wet Lens: 

The new Kraken compact wide wet lens is a lightweight, miniature wide-angle lens for Olmypus TG-series housings. It has an optical element for superior image quality to air lenses. For the best possible wide-angle lens, look at the Kraken KRL-02 lens. The is also a 67mm threaded version of this lens.

Superior Angle of View

The Kraken compact wide-lens has a 90 degree angle of view underwater, compared to 81 degrees with air lenses. That extra 9 degrees is a big difference.
This is a MUST HAVE for your Olympus TG series camera. It also works great as a compact alternative for your Sony RX100 series camera! 

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