OM System TG-7 Underwater Housing

OM System TG-7 Underwater Housings

The OM System's new Olympus TG-7 camera is the latest rugged and versatile compact camera from Olympus. It is designed to withstand even the harshest conditions, making it the perfect companion for underwater photography, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

The Olympus TG-7 is waterproof to 15 meters, dustproof, freezeproof to -10°C, and shockproof to 2.1 meters. It also features a 12-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, a bright F2.0-4.9 25-100mm equivalent lens, and 4K video recording.

In addition to its ruggedness, the TG-7 also offers a variety of features that make it ideal for adventure photography. These features include:

  • A Variable Macro System that allows for close-up photography as close as 1 centimeter from the subject
  • A Pro Capture Mode that lets you capture the moment before you press the shutter button
  • An Interval Shooting Mode that lets you create time-lapse videos
  • A Construction Mode that overlays GPS data and other information on your photos

The TG-7 is also compatible with a variety of underwater housings, making it the perfect camera for taking underwater photos and videos.

The below Olympus TG-7 underwater housings are our recommended housings for taking your camera underwater below the depth of 15m. Contact us at, for all your underwater photo and video needs! We can put together customized packages based on your requirements and offer free online training sessions to get you started.

Olympus TG-7 Underwater Housing Options

NOTE: The TG-5, TG-6 and TG-7 all fit into the same housings!

Olympus TG-7 TG-6 PT-059 Underwater Housing

*Compact, Sturdy and Robust Aluminum Housing - Goes Deep!*

The PT-059 Waterproof Housing empowers your camera to explore the depths, offering a remarkable underwater depth rating of 147 feet for capturing stunning moments beneath the waves. This rugged housing ensures uninterrupted access to your camera's controls, while its specialized construction allows room for adding lens-mounted accessories, like conversion lenses, and supports the attachment of up to two external flash units. Dive into the world of underwater photography with confidence, courtesy of the PT-059 Waterproof Housing.

Marelux Olympus TG-7 TG-6 Underwater Housing

*Superb Ergonomics, Durable, High-end Innovative Features*

Nauticam Olympus TG-7 Underwater Housing

*Excellent Ergonomics, User-friendly, Durable*

Ikelite Olympus TG-7 TG-6 Underwater Housing

*Light, Polycarbonate with Great Ergonomics, User-friendly, Durable*

Ikelite's renowned reputation for crafting top-tier underwater housings extends to the exceptional Ikelite Olympus TG-7 TG-6 TG-5 Underwater Housing. This housing unit stands out with its featherlight design, compact dimensions, and remarkable ergonomic features. Constructed from a robust ABS polycarbonate blend, this housing strikes the perfect balance between durability and low maintenance requirements. With a substantial depth rating of 60 meters, it guarantees your camera's safety in the depths of the ocean.

What sets this housing apart is its effortless accessibility to all camera controls, ensuring you have full command over your photography or videography even in challenging underwater environments. Furthermore, its versatile design accommodates various wet lenses, whether you're seeking to capture expansive wide-angle shots or intricate macro details. Dive into the world of underwater photography with confidence, thanks to the Ikelite Olympus TG-5 TG-6 TG-7 Underwater Housing.


Isotta Olympus TG-7 TG-6 Underwater Housing

*Unique Locking Design, Double O-Ring and Robust*

The Isotta Olympus Tough! TG-7 TG-6 housing boasts adjustable straps for flawless handling. It ensures effortless access to all vital camera functions with clearly labeled, enduring laser-engraved buttons. Plus, our design features a generously sized rear window for an impeccable camera display view. What sets us apart is the detached back door, simplifying the camera fitting process for you. Experience excellence in photography gear like never before. Isotta have harnessed years of experience and cutting-edge innovations to craft a user-friendly, exceptionally professional product.

Kraken TG-7 TG-6 Underwater Housing

*Aluminum Housing with Integrated Vacuum System and Pump + Free Cable* *Best Value*

Introducing Kraken's cutting-edge housing solution designed exclusively for the Olympus TG-7 TG-6 camera! Crafted from premium anodized aluminum to ensure both safety and durability, this housing promises years of dependable performance. With this housing, you'll retain complete control over your camera without sacrificing any of its features. The threaded lens port (m52) accommodates a wide range of wet lenses, from expansive wide-angle options to detailed macro lenses.

Our user-friendly design incorporates easy-to-press buttons with laser-engraved labels for effortless operation. But perhaps the standout feature is the built-in vacuum port and pump! When you place your camera inside, secure the door, and activate the pump, the housing automatically creates a vacuum. A reassuring green light will confirm that the housing is securely sealed and ready for your adventures!

About the Olympus TG-7 Compact Digital Camera

After four year's since the Olympus TG-6 was released, OM Systems has finally released the latest version of the highly popular Olympus camera, namely the OM System (Olympus) TG-7.

The much anticipated Olympus TG-7 takes on the same looks and feel as the previous iterations of the camera, with some minor differences, mainly internal. The positive side of this, is that the latest TG-7 will fit inside many of the housings made for the Olympus TG-6.

The Olympus TG-7 is waterproof to an astonishing 50 feet (15 meters). This camera remains fully operational down to a bone-chilling 14°F or -10°CA and is built tough, as it's shockproof against falls from 7 feet or 2.1 meters , as well as being crushproof and scratchproof.

The Olympus TG-7 boasts a 12MP back-illuminated 1/2.3-inch sensor, just like its predecessor. Complementing this is the versatile 4.5-18.0mm lens (equivalent to 25-100mm in full-frame terms) with an aperture ranging from f/2.0 to f/4.9. Performing similarly to it's predecesors, macro enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the microscopic mode transforms this camera into a great macro shooter, focusing as close as 10mm from your subject and offering 7x magnification.

For underwater video fundi's, this camera will shoot 4K video, but it is probably best to remain on the more preferred 1080/60p in order to be able to slow down footage and not lose quality. The upside to this camera is the ability to shoot video in microscope mode, capturing macro objects with great accuracy.

When it comes to battery life, the camera is rated to shoot 330 shots on a full charge. Although not the worst performer, it is recommended to stock up on some extra batteries when doing multi-tank dives.


Quick Specs:

  • Image sensor: 12 MP 1/2.3" BSI CMOS
  • Processor: TruePicTM VIII
  • Lens: 25-100mm (35mm equivalent) 4x optical zoom f/2.0 (W) - f/4.9 (T)
  • Macro: (Super macro: less than f=5.4mm, from 0.1m to 0.3m / above 5.4mm, from 0.01m to 0.3m / Microscope: 0.01m - 0.30m)
  • Teleconverter: x2 (P, A, Movie mode), x2/x4 (Microscope mode)
  • Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization
  • Monitor: 3.0", approx. 1,037k dots (3:2)
  • ISO 100-12,800
  • Shutter speed: 1/2 - 1/2000 sec. (A mode: up to 4 sec.)
  • Sequential shooting: [Sequential shooting H]*: approx. 20 fps with selectable 10/20 fps [Sequential shooting L]: approx. 5 fps [Pro Capture]*: approx. 10 fps* Electronic Shutter
  • Time-lapse movie is possible with interval shooting up to 299 frames
  • 4K video
  • Waterproof to depths of 50 ft / 15 m
  • IPX8 Dustproof
  • IP6X Freezeproof to 14°F / -10°C
  • Crushproof to 220 lbf / 100 kgf
  • Shockproof from 7 ft / 2.1 m
  • Anti-fog dual pane lens cover glass


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