Underwater Video Light Tripod

Introducing Our New Underwater Video Light Tripod

Underwater Video Light Tripod

Introducing Our New Underwater Video Light Tripod


After requests from our customers, we've worked with our friends at Ultralight to design a small tripod that can easily carry a remote strobe or video light. This underwater video light tripod is perfect if you want to trigger a strobe remotely for wide angle photography and backlighting, or if you want to mount a video light separate from your camera system. A remote video light allows you to introduce new perspectives in your video and can be a particularly useful tool for snoot video captured with the DivePro MP30 snoot light.
US Retail Price: $239.70

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Ultralight Video Light Tripod



underwater video light tripod

Key Features:

  • Option to choose between 8" and 5" legs
  • Knotches in the central triple clamp keep legs from bending under pressure
  • Large central handle to increase torque
  • Universal 1" ball mount


Top Use Cases

1. Remote side lighting or backlighting for underwater video

2. Keeping a snoot video light or strobe in place over your subject for snoot photos & video

3. Remote (slave) strobe placement for wide angle scenes


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