Weefine WFS07 Underwater Strobe and Video Light Review

Weefine WFS07 Underwater Strobe and Video Light Review

Posted by Nirupam Nigam on May 8th, 2023

weefine wfs07 strobe and video light review

If you've ever dreamed of having an all-in-one underwater strobe and video light - look no further than the Weefine WFS07! This underwater lighting device can fire 60Ws flashes while also outputting 3000 lumens of continuous lighting - in a single compact body. While it might sound like a simple feat, it is actually very difficult to design a device with one canister that can fulfil both the needs of both underwater photo and video shooters. After iTorch discontinued its popular Symbiosis line of strobe and video light combinations, the world has had a few years without any analogous device on the market. So we are extremely excited to see the Weefine WFS07 re-introduce and redefine the hybrid photo-video lighting market. The staff at Bluewater Photo have had the opportunity to be the first to dive with the WFS07 in sunny, clear waters right in our backyard - Catalina Island. The initial results are quite impressive, especially for a price point of $599! 

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Weefine WFS07 Specifications

On paper, the Weefine WFS07's specifications are incredible - with an industry leading recycle time, beam angle, and battery life. The question is - did it live up to expectations underwater? Read on to find out!

  • Max power output: 60 Ws
  • 3000 lumen video light
  • Circular flashtube with a color temp of 5500K
  • Video light color temp of 5000K and CRI of 90
  • 140° beam angle (ultrawide)
  • 0.9 second recycle time at full power
  • 600 flash battery life at full power (with dual 18650 batteries)
  • 50 minute video burn time
  • LED screen display on rear cap
  • Fiber optic cable connectivity (no sync cords)
  • No TTL
  • Over pressure relief valve
  • Dimensions: 3.1 inch diameter x 6.1 inch length
  • Weight: 695g/21.5 oz (above water), 165g/0.7 oz (underwater)

weefine wfs07 strobe review

The Weefine WFS07 Underwater Strobe and Video Light in the Field

bluewater photo

The Weefine WFS07 underwater strobe and video is available now at Bluewater Photo!

Order a Weefine Fiber Optic Cable for the WFS07

Weefine WFS07 Design, Battery Life, and Ergonomics 

This Weefine WFS07 is designed with a circular flashtube that surrounds an LED video light - allowing for both the 60 Ws strobe and 3000 lumen video light to be contained within a single, compact body. Circular flash tubes are known for producing wide, even light and are quite popular with high-end strobes like the Ikelite DS 230. This is the first time we've seen a circular flash tube in a strobe as small at the WFS07. Despite the strobe's small size, it's very easy to get beam coverage for both wide angle photos and videos - especially with a 140 degree beam angle. 

Slightly smaller than mid size strobes like the Sea & Sea YS-D3, the Weefine WFS07 strobe weighs in at just 165 grams underwater and is 6.1 inches in length. The body is designed from a robust mix of aluminum and polycarbonate which can easily withstand the elements. We knocked it on the steps of the Casino Point dive park at low tide and it didn't show any scratches or damage. The polycarbonate semi-dome in front of the flash tube is also fairly sturdy but you do want to be careful not to to scratch it so the scratch doesn't affect the quality of your light.

weefine wfs07 underwater photo

A Garibaldi photographed at Catalina Island using the Weefine WFS07 strobe, Sony A7S III camera, and a Marelux A7S III underwater housing. 1/125, f/16, ISO 400

The Weefine WFS07 is powered by two, commonly-found 18650 batteries that result in an incredible battery life of 600 flashes (and 50 minutes of video light burn time) at full power. Most other strobes on the market are rated for about 300 to 350 flashes. We found the battery life to be very accurate. In fact, I dived for three separate days with the WFS07 and didn't change the batteries once. If you are using the video light, of course, you will need to change batteries more frequently. Most photo oriented divers should expect to last about 5 - 6 dives with the WFS07s while video oriented divers should expect to last about 2 dives before needing to recharge the batteries. Hybrid shooters should expect to easily get in a full day of diving with the WFS07. 

Finally, the ergonomics of the WFS07 rival, and in some ways surpass, the highest end strobes on the market. An LED screen display shows the mode used and battery life (e.g., remaining number of flashes). Generally, the remaining number of flashes does reduce by a single flash when you fire a shot at full power. It was nice to see that the flash counter is fairly accurate. A single button is used to control video light output and a single dial is used to control strobe output - separating the two functions while keeping controls simple. A button on the strobe power dial is used to change strobe modes, but it is very rare to need to change your strobe mode after setting it once. With many strobes on the market having at least two dials, it's refreshingly easy to control the WFS-07.   

weefine wfs07 LED panel

Weefine WFS07 Strobe and Video Light Back Panel


Flash Triggering and (No) TTL

The Weefine WFS07 is can only be fired via fiber optic cables, and is not compatible with electronic sync cords. All underwater housings on the market rated to diving depths are compatible with fiber optic cables, now that Ikelite has released a fiber optic adapter bulkhead. There is a fiber optic port on the back of the strobe. The Weefine cables designed for the strobe are a snug fit and we never had to worry about them coming out underwater. 

There are three flash modes on the strobe. The S1 mode is designed for flashes and flash triggers with a single flash. The S2 mode is designed for flashes and flash triggers with a preflash. The Sync mode is a slave mode that allows your strobe to fire when another strobe fires. Your camera and flash trigger combination will only need to be used with one of these settings. If you don't know which setting is best for you, please contact us at

You may be wondering if the WFS07 has TTL capability. It does not. While some may be disappointed in the lack of TTL availability, the strobes easy ergonomics keep changing your strobe power simple in manual mode.

weefine wfs07 macro strobe photo

Nudibranch photographed with the Weefine WFS07 strobe. Photographed with a Sony RX100 VI in a Nauticam Housing. 1/200, f/6.3, ISO 500


Weefine WFS07 Strobe Features

Beam Angle, Power, and Quality

The Weefine WFS-07 has a published max power of 60 Ws and a beam angle of 140 degrees without a diffuser - the widest beam of any strobe on the market today. The power of the strobe itself is a little weak for professional and wide angle shooters. The strobe is more in line with similarly priced, entry level strobes like the Sea & Sea YS-01 solis. That said, it is very much capable of shooting  wide angle photos in low light conditions given the ultrawide beam angle. That's why we made sure to test the strobe in extremely sunny conditions at Catalina Island. Overall, we wouldn't recommend the WFS07s for shooting sunbursts, but it did light up subjects in shallow, bright conditions. While the light didn't throw as far as a professional strobe it certainly threw as wide.

The WFS07 is an excellent device for macro underwater photography. It was easily able to capture photos with black backgrounds and produced a beautiful, soft beam with the diffuser. 

weefine wfs07 kelp photo

The Weefine WFS07 lights up kelp while ambient light produces a nice blue background. Photographed with a Sony A7S III in a Marelux A7S III housing. f/16, 1/15, ISO 200

Recycle Time

On paper the Weefine WFS07 has an incredible recycle time of 0.9 seconds at full power! While we found the recycle time to be very quick, we were not quite able to replicate the listed speed. However, this may have been more due to user error on our part.

Weefine wfs07 macro photo

Beautiful color rendering with the WFS07 strobe and Sony RX100 VI camera. f/4, 1/160, ISO 500

Weefine WFS07 Video Light Features

Video Light Quality

As with its strobe functionality, the WFS07 has the widest beam of an underwater video light on the market today. This gives the video quality a unique flavor of subtle, soft light that brings out colors and detail while producing smaller particulates in the water column. An output of 3000 lumens is a good output for macro video. With two WFS07's you have enough light for wide angle video as well. 

The color temperature of 5000K and a CRI of 90 ensure a cool, natural look that does a great job at color reproduction. Overall, we have been extremely happy with the quality of the WFS07 for underwater video.

Auto-Off Feature

The video light on the WFS07 can also be used as a focus light or video light. When you take photos with the WFS07, it will automatically detect a flash and turn off for 1.5 seconds before turning back on. That way you don't have any interference from the underwater video light in your photo. 

Who Should Buy the Weefine WFS07 Strobe and Video Light?

The Weefine WFS07 strobe and video light is an excellent device for underwater shooters who care as much about video as they do photography. While both the strobe and video light are not as powerful as "pro" video lights or "pro" strobes, the WFS07 is a great middle-ground tool. If you are an entry-level shooter, the price point alone makes it a no brainer when compared to other entry level strobes and video lights. If you are a pro-shooter, a pair of WFS07s can be a great supplement to professional lighting systems if you need something compact that can do both photography and video. 

Overall, the Weefine WFS07 is a great tool for macro shooters as it has plenty of power for macro situations. With an ultrawide beam angle, it does a great job shooing wide angle, but we recommend two strobes if you need to shoot wide angle in bright conditions. 

weefine wfs07 underwater photo

Shooting into the sun with the Weefine WFS07 Strobe and Sony A7S III camera in a Marelux A7S III housing. f/16, 1/125, ISO 200


The Weefine WFS07 is a hybrid strobe and video light that redefines the underwater lighting market for photo and video shooters. Its ability to fire 60Ws flashes while outputting 3000 lumens of continuous lighting is a unique feat and makes it an all-in-one solution for underwater photographers and videographers. The WFS07's circular flash tube design, combined with a 140-degree beam angle, makes it easy to get beam coverage for both wide-angle photos and videos, while the LED screen display, button controls, and dial make it a breeze to use. Additionally, the WFS07's incredible battery life of 600 flashes and 50 minutes of video light burn time at full power is impressive and should last several dives before needing a recharge. 

Overall, the Weefine WFS07 is a game-changer in the underwater lighting industry, providing high-quality lighting in a compact and convenient design. Its excellent performance and competitive price point make it an appealing option for photographers and videographers of all levels.

Weefine wfs07 underwater photo

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