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Best Underwater Photo & Video Accessories of 2021

Best Underwater Photo & Video Accessories of 2021

March 30th, 2021

Best Underwater Photo & Video Accessories of 2021


Underwater Photography is most definitely a gear-oriented hobby. While you can't take a topside photo without a camera, you can't take an underwater photo without accessories. In fact, it's the accessories that put underwater photo & video into a separate niche from normal content creation. Water is a difficult medium to take photos in. This is because light is lost when traveling through water, in a process called light attenuation - with red wavelengths being lost first. In order to get colors and details back in your image or video, it's necessary to reintroduce light underwater. This can come in the form of strobes for underwater photography and video lights for underwater video. Another way to introduce better color and detail is to get close to your subjects. Wide angle and macro lenses both help you get close to subjects. Finally, creative tools like snoots and focus lights can add a little bit of creative flare to your scene. These are Bluewater Photo's Top Underwater Photo & Video Accessories in 2021. Click on the image to be brough to the corresponding list. 



best underwater video lights

The Best Underwater Video Lights




Underwater Strobes

The Best Underwater Strobes




best wide angle wet lens

The Best Wide-Angle Wet Lenses




Macro wet lens buyer's guide - wet diopters

The Best Macro Wet Lenses




Focus Lights for underwater photography - Buyer's Guide

The Best Underwater Focus Lights




underwater snoots

The Best Underwater Snoots




Professional underwater video lights

The Best Professional Underwater Video Lights




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