Marelux underwater housings

Introducing Marelux Underwater Housings

Marelux underwater housings are the newest underwater housings to hit the market with a full line up of photo camera housings, video & cinema housings, ports, extensions, lens gears, magnified viewfinders, flash triggers, cables, vacuum systems, and an optical flash tube already available! With engineers who are extremely experienced in underwater housing and electronics manufacturing and invested in the product's success, Marelux is one of the most innovative brands to date. We carry the entire line of Marelux products and stock most of them.

Marelux housings have several key distinguishing features that make them excellent tools for underwater photo & video work. First, they have incredibly durable anodization. After weeks of diving in difficult shore conditions with our first Marelux R5 housing, we didn't manage to get a scratch on it! Marelux underwater housings are also equipped with ergonomic and secure housing and port locking mechanisms. Finally, Marelux housings are remarkably compact, lightweight underwater, and depth rated to 100m.