Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Looking for that special something for the underwater photographer in your life? Look no further. Here is a quick round up of all the great gifts for any budget for this holiday season!

Still not sure you've found the perfect gift?

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Sky's the Limit!

Looking for the perfect gift to wow your favorite underwater photographer? Get them a new housing so they can take their camera underwater, or better yet pick up a full set up to get them everything they need for a perfect underwater photography rig.

Check out our great package options online or call us to create a custom package!

DSLR Housing Packages

Mirrorless Housing Packages

Compact Housing Packages


Under $1000

Most compact camera housings cost less than $1000. Give someone the gift of underwater photography by buying them a new housing so they can take their compact camera underwater and start capturing amazing images.

Check out all compact camera housings here.

Give the Gift of Light! External strobes are a must for underwater photography and significantly improve the quality and range of images that the underwater photographer is able to capture. Pick one of these great packages to add to your favorite UW photographer's camera rig.

YS-D1 Strobe Package - The Sea & Sea YS-D1 is the top of the line strobe offering beautiful warm light and is perfect for all camera types.

YS-01 Strobe Package - The little brother to the YS-D1, the YS-01 offers great power in a smaller package - perfect for any compact camera set up.

High end video lights are a perfect gift for the underwater videographer on your list. With higher lumen power, small sizes and wide beam angles these will literally light up their day!

Light & Motion Sola 2100 SF - this tiny video light offers bright 2100 lumens in a fully sealed body, so there is no worry of flooding the light, perfect for the avid traveler.

iTorch Video Pro 7000 - with 5000 lumens of power and a wide 120 degree beam this light is perfect for wide angle video.

Fix Neo 2000 SWR - for the tech lover the Fix lights are the way to go. High power lumens, in a small body is paired with high tech controls including a digital power display and the ability to change the light's power by 1% increments.

Light & Motion Sola Nightsea - Fluorescent photography has become the latest popular trend in underwater photography. Give someone a unique way of viewing the underwater world and capturing stellar images with this light.

Under $500

Recsea CW Housings for the RX100 & RX100 II are the ideal gift without breaking the bank. Precision engineered, these new less expensive housings give you full camera control in a lightweight, easy to travel with size.

Ikelite housings are a great low cost housing and make a great gift. Available for just about every compact camera available, call us if you don't see the version you need!

YS-01 Strobe - a strobe is a great addition to any underwater camera set up, allowing the photographer to gain better exposures and more vibrant colors. 

GoPro Hero4 Black or Hero4 Silver Camera - Everyone loves GoPro's tiny action cameras. Make someone's day with the gift of a new GoPro Hero4 camera in either the Black (more advanced) or Silver (built in LCD) edition.

Thinktank International Roller Bag - if a backpack isn't their style, get the travelling photographer this excellent bag which can easily fit a dSLR housing, strobes and a few ports. Customizeable padded dividers allows for creating the perfect bag for your system. 

Video and Focus lights can make a huge difference with any underwater camera system. Pick up one of these great lights, many are on special this holiday season, offering you even more great savings!

iTorch V24 Fishlite - Huge savings on this excellent 2400 lumen video light make it a perfect gift.

Light & Motion GoBe Action Camera Kit - this is an incredible deal! On sale for the holidays this dual light & tray system is the perfect compliment for any GoPro user. Dual GoBe 700 lumen lights create beautiful lighting with the GoPro camera and this kit includes everythign you need.

Under $300

Thinktank Camera Backpack - a photographers dream, these travel backpacks offer padded, customizeable compartments capable of carrying a wide variety of camera gear. Perfect for the traveler, looking to transport camera or housing gear as a carryon. 

Sea & Sea YS-03 Strobe Kit - A perfect entry level strobe compatible with a variety of polycarbonate housings (call us for compatibility). This strobe offers automatic TTL exposure. Includes, tray, arm & fiber optic cable.

Light & Motion Sola 500 Photo - small and stylish 500 lumen video / focus light. Easy to control with three power levels and a magnetic switch, these lights are sealed so you never have to worry about checking the o-ring or flooding the light. 

Watershot Housing for iPhone - need a gift for that person that is always on thier iPhone? Get them a waterproof housing so they can keep the phone close by on dives and use it for taking photo and video. (Galaxy S4 housings are also available!)

Bluewater +7 Macro Lens - great for any mirrorless or compact system, our +7 diopter offers excellent magnification while keeping the image sharp and clear. The perfect macro tool for underwater photography. Has 67mm threads, may require an adapter depending on the housing.

Light & Motion GoBe 700 Wide - a tiny light with a big punch of power. One of the most versitile lights, take it diving, attach it to your bike or use when outdoors topside, its great for everything. 700 lumens power. 

Under $100

Beneath the Surface GoPro Multi Grip - if you're looking for a great GoPro gift, this small handle is a perfect addition to any GoPro rig. Easy to use, great for topside and underwater and it comes in a variety of colors!

AO Cooler Bags - the best way to transport your gear on the boat, the AO Cooler Bag offers padded protection and is even waterproof inside, allowing you to fill it for a makeshift rinse bucket in a pinch! Get the 12 for a small compact camera, 24 for most mirrorless rigs and the 36 size for dSLRs. Available in three great colors. 

iDas Flip Adapter - a perfect macro tool, this adapter allows you to quickly flip the macro diopter on and off the front of the port. Works with 67mm threaded housings. 

Nauticam Carbon Fiber Float Arms - upgrade your standard arm set to one that helps make your rig more neutrally buoyant. (Several different sizes available)

Stix Floats - these jumbo floats add buoyancy to the camera rig allowing for a more comfortable experience underwater. Compatible with ULCS, iDas and Nauticam arms. For BTS arms use the BTS Float kit

GoPro Mounts & Accessories - If looking for a GoPro gift, there are a ton of great accessories or GoPro mounts under $100 that make a perfect and useful addition to someone's GoPro camera set up. 

Stocking Stuffers & Accessories

Looking for a stocking stuffer, or something to add to a camera system, then check out one of these great accessories, perfect for just about any underwater camera rig. 

Giotto's Rocket Air Blower - perfect for clearing water from inside buttons, and clearing sand / hair from the o-ring area, this tool makes a perfect stocking stuffer or small gift. 

Balanzza Luggage Scale - underwater photographers are always cringing at luggage weight when packing for a trip. Help make that process easy with this great travel luggage scale.

Cetacea Cloth Coil Lanyard - never lose your camera gear when using this accessory to keep your expensive rig secured to your BCD in case of a moment when both hands are required.

Giotto Cleaning Kit - a perfect little kit for your camera body. Keep lenses clean and free of debris. Even includes a mini rocket blower - perfect for o-rings and housing maintenance. 

O-rings, Desiccants, batteries and more! While they don't make exciting gifts, all underwater photographers can always use a spare set of AA batteries for a strobe, or an extra o-ring for their housing. Simple small items for rounding off a nice gift can be found under the Accessories menu. 

Need a gift for the underwater photographer on your list? Check out these ideas for any budget.