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Nauticam Nikon D500 Underwater Housing

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Nauticam Nikon D500 Underwater Housing


Product Overview:

The new Nauticam NA-D500 housing offers improved control placement, a new included flash triggering system (with optional TTL upgrade), and a smaller size & weight. 

D500 Camera Review


Learn more about the camera features and why we love it for underwater photography in our full Nikon D500 review.



Flash Trigger Included with Housing

This optical flash trigger can fire at the full 10 frames per second of the camera, for the rapid fire fast action shooting that the D500 is so well suited for. Optical systems, with fiber optic cables linking the external flashes to the housing, are more reliable than any electrical sync cable system.  There are no connections to flood, or fragile wires to break, and nearly every underwater strobe supports optical triggering. This redesigned LED Flash Triggering System has allowed for a much lower housing height.  

This the smallest Nauticam DSLR housing for Nikon so far!

Users of flashes without optical triggering are able to add optional Nikonos (part # 26074) or Ikelite (part # 26075) style electronic bulkheads for electrical firing of the flashes. These bulkheads will plug into the flash trigger circuit board for neater routing of the cables.

Optional Internal TTL Converter

The Nauticam D500 housing will also be compatible with the new Nauticam TTL Converter.  This user installable upgrade provides accurate automatic TTL flash exposure with a number of popular flashes, and offers both optical and electrical strobe triggering in a single unit.

Optical triggering, using an led integrated into the board and fiber optic cable, works well with flashes like Inon Z-240, Sea & Sea YS-D1, YS-D2, and more.  Electrical triggering supports Ikelite DS-125/DS-160 strobes and Sea & Sea YS-250 strobes connected via an electrical sync cord.

Accurate automatic TTL flash exposure has been a favorite feature of Nauticam photographers using cameras with pop up flashes, and we are excited to bring this advanced flash control functionality to this housing.

Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System

The Nauticam vacuum check system is included with the Nauticam D500 Housing. However, to make use of this system, the vacuum valve (Part # 25625) must be purchased separatedly. This monitoring system provides constant updates on the water-tight status of the housing.  A color coded LED lighting system lets the user know that the vacuum has been maintained, or that the housing is losing the vacuum seal. Leak detection is built into the same circuit, so if there is water intrusion, an audible and visual indication will occur. 

The Nauticam system is temperature compensated, eliminating false alarms caused by a change in outside temperature, or from a camera heating up on an action packed dive.

Improved Ergonomics

The right handle is where you will be accessing the frequently used camera functions. Oversized levers are identifiable by feel. The most frequently used fingertip controls ( Main Command Dial, Shutter Release, and Sub Command Dial, Video Record, and AF-ON) are located here. ISO, the primary exposure control used by DSLR video shooters, is accessed by a thumb lever under the right grip.  INFO, useful for calling up the camera settings on the 3.2" rear color LCD, is placed at the right thumb.

The new AF-Mode Lever has been improved - it is now easily located by feel from the left handle!  A separate AF-M lever is positioned above this lever, and identifiable by feel.

A double thumb lever accesses playback and the assignable Fn2 Button.

Nauticam D500 Lens Selection for Underwater Photography

Contact Bluewater Photo owner Scott Gietler at for a personal consultation regarding the best lenses to use with this housing. Find out if the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye is right for you, whether the 60mm or 105mm macro lens will suit your needs more, and which wide-angle zooms work the best. Scott is a long-time Nikon shooter who has done a large number of lens tests both above and below the water.

Nauticam D500 Housing Recommended Lenses & Ports

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Nauticam D500 Underwater Housing Review:

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We offer lifetime support with all purchases.
Please call or email us with any questions, our knowledgeable staff would love to assist you.

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