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Nauticam Housing for Sony A7, A7R, A7S

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NA-17410 /NA-17410NB

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Nauticam for Sony A7, A7R, A7S Underwater Housing

Be sure to read our comprehensive Nauticam Sony A7 review for underwater photography with sample underwater photos


Part #: Nau-17410

Product Overview:

The new Sony A7 camera blends a full frame (36mm x 24mm) sensor into a camera body that is essentially the same size as many "compact" cameras. The result is a stunning blend of high resolution image quality and compactness. Pair this camera with the new Nauticam Housing for a stunning underwater rig with complete lens and accessory support.

Nauticam A7 Recommended Lenses and Ports

Nikonos Lenses

  • Choose the Nikonos adapter in the port choices above
  • The Sea & Sea 12mm Nikonos, Nikonos 15mm, 20mm & 35mm are recommended

Sony full-frame e-mount lenses

  • Sony 28-70mm - choose the 28-70mm port above
  • Zeiss 35mm F2.8 - choose the 35mm port above
  • Zeiss 55mm F1.8 - choose the 55mm port above
  • Sony 90mm macro - choose the 90mm macro port above
  • ** The following all require the Nauticam A7 adapter 37301
  • Sony 24-70mm F4, requires the 7 inch glass or 8 inch acrylic dome port + extension ring 30mm
  • Sony 16-35mm F2.8 (requires Sony A-mount adapter on lens), requires the 7 inch glass or 8 inch acrylic dome port + extension ring 70mm
  • Sony 16-35mm F4, requires the 7 inch glass or 8 inch acrylic dome port + extension ring 50mm
  • Sony 28mm F2 + ultra-wide converter lens, requires the 7 inch glass or 8 inch acrylic dome port + extension ring 30mm
  • Sony 28mm F2 + fisheye converter lens, requires the 5.5 inch glass, 7 inch glass or 8 inch acrylic dome port + extension ring 20mm

Canon / Sigma full frame lenses (require metabones adapter on lens)

  • ** All these lenses require the Nauticam A7 adapter 37301
  • Sigma 15mm fisheye - requires the 8 inch dome port + extension ring 10mm
  • Canon 8-15mm fisheye - requires the 8 inch dome port + extension ring 30mm
  • Canon 16-35mm II - requires the 8 inch dome port + extension ring 70mm
  • Canon 100mm USM macro lens - requires macro port 94

Nauticam A7 - How to Fire Your Strobes

Sync cords: The Nauticam A7 housing includes a bulkhead, if you want to fire your a strobe electronically you will need a S&S sync cord for Sea & Sea and Inon strobes, and an Ikelite sync cord for Ikelite strobes. If you have 2 strobes, you will need the dual-cable versions.

Fiber optic cables: The A7 housing includes 2 fiber optic ports, to use your fiber optic cables, you will need to purchase the Sony A7 optical flash trigger, because the Sony A7 does not have an internal flash, and use the Nauticam to Sea & Sea fiber optic cables.

Recommended Accessories:

Nauticam A7 Housing Product Video

Best lenses with the Nauticam Sony A7 housing

  • Sony 24-70mm F4 (behind a dome port - great choice for video)
  • Sony 28-70mm F3.5-F5.6 (behind a flat port - good choice for macro)
  • Sony 28mm F2 + fisheye conversion lens - for awesome ultra-wide angle
  • Sony 35mm F2.8 prime
  • Nikonos 15mm + Nikonos adapter
  • Sea & Sea 12mm fisheye + Nikonos adapter
  • Canon lenses + Metabones adapter (using these lenses will have much slower auto-focus - a focus gear is recommended)  - the Canon 100mm macro, Canon 8-15mm fisheye, Sigma 15mm fisheye, and Canon 16-35mm F2.8 II lenses are all supported
  • The Sony A-mount 16-35mm F2.8 lens is also supported with the Sony A-mount adapter LA-EA3

New Sony Macro and Fisheye Lenses

Sony has come out some amazing new macro and fisheye lens, read our Sony full-frame lens article for more details and release dates.

The Bluewater Photo sales team knows the lens and port choices very well, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

New Nauticam A7 Port System

The new housing for the A7 delivers on the promise of the A7: Full frame camera - small package. A new port system was designed for this camera... the SLR port opening was too large, meaning that the housing would be too large, and the existing mirrorless system port opening is too small for some of the lenses expected in the new Sony FE lens lineup. So, a new line of intermediate size ports is required and is being delivered with this housing.

The housing and new port line would not be complete with the patented Locking Port Release system, which, like it does on other Nauticam housings, utilizes a unique internal bayonet system that locks the port securely without twisting or misalignment. The iconic red lever is easy to operate and lets the shooter know immediately that the port is securely locked in place. The user friendly housing latches are here as well, making this housing exceptionally easy to put together.

Nauticam Sony A7 Key Features:

Signature Nauticam Port Locking System 
The iconic red locking lever is right at home on the NA-A7... lens/port changes made quick, easy and secure. 
SLR Styling with Handles Built In:
The housing is designed to be used with the shooter's hands on the handles, ergonomically placing the camera controls at just the right spot for easy use. No extra tray/handles to buy!
Laser cut stainless steel brackets reinforce the handles, making the rig sturdy and stable even with large strobes or video lights. Mounting balls are included, ready to attach strobes, video lights, and more. 
Vacuum System:
The integrated vacuum check and leak detection system adds extra assurance of watertight integrity. Use it without an optional vacuum valve and it serves as a audible/visual water ingress detector. Add the vacuum valve, and get watertight integrity indication via a color coded LED light. 
LCD or EVF - Your Choice
The patented switch means either the LCD or EVF can be used and the shooter can instantly switch between them - underwater!
EVF Viewfinder Options:
For shooters wanting to take the ultimate advantage of the excellent OLED EVF in the A7, the renowned 180º Enhanced Viewfinder or the excellent 45º Enhanced Viewfinder are available. It takes less than a minute to change these viewfinders and no tools are required. 
Fingertip Control:
Fingertip control for all key shooting controls, including both shutter release, focus lock, both command dials, and video start/stop. All of the controls are easy to operate, even with gloves on.


Rubberized Zoom/Focus Knob:
The new zoom/focus knob is now rubberized to make gripping easier and more comfortable. Nauticam is the only housing manufacturer offering over-molded, rubberized parts. 

Like previous Nauticam handles, the built-in NA-A7 handles get the rubberized treatment that so many shooters have come to enjoy.


Nikonos Lens Support:

Old meets new as the Nikonos lenses finally get matched up with a digital camera that is worthy of these legendary water contact lenses. 

Sample Photo:

sony A7 underwater photos with nikonos 15mm
Kelp Bass at Catalina Island, Nauticam Sony A7 underwater housing, Nikonos 15mm lens

Weight: 7.00 LBS
Dimensions: 8.00 (in) × 10.00 (in) × 14.00 (in)
Free Worldwide Shipping: No
Brand: No Brand
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