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Olympus TG-5 TG-6 Underwater Housings

Olympus TG-5 TG-6 Underwater Housings

November 15th, 2018

Olympus TG-5 TG-6 Underwater Housing Guide


The TG-5 and TG-6 fit into the same housings!

Kraken Sports Olympus TG-6 Housing

Kraken Sports TG-6 Underwater Housing

*Aluminum Housing with Integrated Vacuum System and Pump  + Free Cable* *Best Value*

The Kraken Sports TG-6 Underwater Housing is a high-quality housing made from machined aluminum with a depth rating of 100m. It has been designed to have excellent ergonomics and built to last. Noteable feature of the housing is the integrated vacuum valve with pump which standard to the housing. Simply drop in your camera, latch the door and press the button. This draws air inside the housing and informs you if the housing has a leak before diving. Also includes a free fiber optic cable! 

Nauticam Olympus TG-5 Housing

Nauticam Olympus TG-5 TG-6 Underwater Housing

*Professional Housing with Excellent Ergonomic Design*

The Nauticam NA-TG5 TG-6 Underwater Housing is milled from an aluminum block same process as their DSLR housings. It provides protection and ease of use. Nauticam has always focused on great ergonomics. Controls are easily accessible and clearly labeled.  The housing uses their patented rotary lock, making it easy to open and close while still providing a secure latch system that will not accidentally be disengaged.

Ikelite TG6 Underwater Housing

Ikelite TG-5 TG-6 Underwater Housing

*Lightweight with Simple Design - our favorite polycarbonate housing" *Best Value*

Ikelite has been popular to produce high quality underwater housings, and the Ikelite Olympus TG-5 TG-6 Underwater Housing is no different.  Its light weight and compact with excellent ergonomics.  It is made from ABS polycarbonate blend material which makes it light, durable and requires minimum maintenance. The housing has a depth rating of 60 meters.  All camera controls can be accessible from the housing with ease.  The housing can also accept different kinds of wet lenses whether for wide angle or for macro. 

Isotta Olympus TG-6 Aluminum Housing

Isotta Olympus TG-5 TG-6 Aluminum Underwater Housing

*Unique Locking Design, Double O-Ring and Robust*

The Isotta Olympus TG-5, TG-6 Aluminum Housing is a high quality housing made from machined aluminum with a depth rating of 100m (330ft). It features a unique locking design which makes it easy to operate. Also, the double o-ring seal system provides peace of mind that your camera is safe inside the housing. The most stylish housing!

Recsea Olympus TG-5 Aluminum Housing

Recsea Olympus TG-5 Aluminum Underwater Housing (Discontinued)

*Compact, Sturdy and Robust Aluminum Housing - Goes Deep!*

The Recsea Olympus TG-5 Aluminum Housing is a high quality housing made from machined aluminum with a depth rating of 100m (330ft). Matching the position of the controls, this housing features similar dials and buttons making a seamless transition from using the camera to using the housing underwater. Best for tech divers!

Olympus TG-5 PT-058 Housing

Olympus TG-5 TG-6 PT-059 Underwater Housing 

*Budget Housing*

The Olympus TG-5 TG-6 PT-059 Underwater Housing is constructed from polycarbonate which makes it lightweight yet durable. The housing extends the depth rating of the camera to 45m (147 ft). The housing can access many camera controls which gives you the freedom to adjust the settings to your liking. The housing can also accept different kinds of wet lenses whether for wide angle or for macro. 



Olympus TG-5 Camera


The Olympus TG-5 camera is one of the most popular compact camera currently on the market. It features a special underwater mode which is optimized for underwater photography, whether it may be wide or macro. It is also packed with great features such as AF, focus area selection, manual focus with or without assist, focus peaking and a lot more. As for videos, the camera also boasts its ability to capture 4K videos. The camera can also take a beating as it is waterproof (up to 50ft), shockproof, freezeproof and crushproof! 

Quick Specs:

  • 12MP Hi-Speed Image Sensor for Improved Low Light Performance and Noise Reduction
  • Dual Quad Core TruePic™ VIII Image Processor
  • F2.0 High Speed Lens
  • 4K and High Speed Video
  • Field Sensor System w/ GPS, Manometer, Compass & Temperature Sensor
  • Waterproof,  Shockproof, Freezeproof, Crushproof 
  • Dimension: W: 4.43 in  H: 2.6 in  D: 1.23 in / W: 113 mm  H: 66 mm  D: 31.9 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 250 g



Drop by in our store to try them out, or call (+1 310-633-5052) / email us to schedule a skype session or to have a couple different housings shipped to you for you to try out.

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