Nauticam, Recsea, Ikelite Sony RX100 Underwater Housing Comparison

Sony RX100 Housing Comparison

Housing Comparison for the Sony RX100

Recsea, Nauticam and Ikelite RX-100 housings

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RX100 II, III, IV housings are similar



The Sony RX100 camera is the latest compact from Sony that has just been dominating the compact camera world. With its super sized sensor, full manual controls with extended aperature range to F11, small size, easy handling and overall stunning resolution its no surprise that a variety of manufacturers have come out with great housings.



Use this helpful chart to find the housing that fits your needs.

  Recsea RX100 Nauticam RX100 Ikelite RX100
Price $1,099.95 $950.00 $400.00
Construction Machined Aluminum Machined Aluminum Polycarbonate
Depth Rating 80m (262ft) 100m (300ft) 60m (200ft)
Size Smallest Small Medium
Height 88 mm (3.4 in) 113 mm (4.4 in) 127 mm (5 in)
Width 133 mm (5.2 in) 144 mm (5.6 in) 172 mm (6.8 in)
Depth 101 mm (3.9 in) 102 mm (4.01 in) 139mm (5.5 in)
Weight 640g (1.4 lbs) 770g (1.7 lbs) 1225g (2.6 lb)
Includes Strobe Attachment YES YES NO
Full Camera Controls YES YES YES

At a Glance:

Recsea Housing - This housing offers all the great features in the most compact and easy to use pacakge. Integrated buttons and dials make changing settings and camera controls easy to do, even when wearing gloves. A large clear o-ring makes checking for dirt and hairs easy. 52mm threads allow for attachement of a variety of lenses using an threaded adapter. The unique male thread design allows for the attachement of a quick release adapter, making changing lenses quick and easy. Included strobe mask allows for easy and secure attachment of fiber optic cables for superior lighting.

Nauticam Housing - This housing is slightly bigger than the Recsea Housing, but costs a little less. It is made of high quality machined aluminum. The buttons and dials are separated, which can be more difficult to use with gloves, but also can be beneficial in the accuracy of the button and dial functions. The port has built in 67mm threads allowing for easy attachment of 67mm threaded accessories without an adapter. Other accessories can be used with a step down adapter. Included strobe mask allows for easy and secure attachment of fiber optic cables for superior lighting.

Ikelite Housing - This housing is the largest of the three, but also the least expensive. Made of sturdy polycarbonate, the clear style housing allows you to see and visibly check the seal of the oring once the housing is closed. All camera controls are available through the housing, however the control design is not as precise as the Recsea or Nauticam. The port has 67mm threads for easy attachment of accessory lenses. Strobes can be used through slave mode, though a separate strobe mask kit is required for best operation.


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Sony RX100 Housing Comparison, Recsea, Nauticam, Ikelite