Sony A7R IV Underwater Housings

Sony A7R IV Underwater Housings

October 16th, 2019

Sony A7R III Underwater Housing Guide

These Sony a7r iv underwater housings are our favorite housings for taking your Sony a7r iv underwater. The Sony A7R IV is the highest resolution full frame camera on the market that can take incredibly detailed photos and video with some of the quickest autofocus available. The Sony A7R IV has a 61 megapixel CMOS sensor and can shoot at burst speeds up to 10 fps with the capability to capture 4K/30p video. It's autofocus tracking system is capable of following quick moving subjects so you don't miss any shots! Read our full Sony A7R IV Underwater Review. Please contact us at, and we'll put together a customized system for your underwater photo and video needs!

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Nauticam A7R IV Housing

Nauticam NA-A7RIV Underwater Housing

*High Quality, Patented port-locking system, Supports Many Lenses*

The Nauticam NA-A7R IV offers the most flexibility out of any housing brand. With their unique Nikonos adapter you have the ability to use a variety of Nikonos lenses in addition to all the Sony FE lenses, and Canon lenses with Metabones adapter. This housing is machined from high-quality aluminum, features access to all camera controls and a plethora of great accessories, including their water contact optics like the SMC & WACP lenses. Optional flash trigger is available.


Aquatica A7R IV HousingAquatica A7R IV Underwater Housing

*Lighter, Rugged and Built for Ease of Use*

The Aquatica Housing for Sony A7R IV has a rugged powder coated finish to withstand rough ocean conditions and is machined from aircraft grade aluminum, built to last. It also includes Aquatica's Surveroy Vacuum System as a standard of the housing. For the controls, it also features the Back Button AF is fully supported with the housing.


Ikelite A7R IV Housing

Ikelite 200DL Housing for Sony A7R IV

*Polycarbonate, Made in the USA, Works with A9. Most affordable option.*

The Ikelite Underwater Housing for Sony A7R IV  is a great quality polycarbonate option, perfect if you are on a budget. The stronger alloy used for the new DryLock housings allows for a deeper depth rating and better ergonomics. Ikelite still has the see thru back, allowing you to see your o-ring seals. Both Sony & many Canon lenses (with Metabones adapter) are supported in this housing. Optional TTL converter for use with Ikelite Strobes.


Sea & Sea A7R IV HousingSea & Sea MDX-A7RIV Housing

*Exclusive Buoyancy Pocket & TTL Control.*

The Sea & Sea Housing for Sony A7R IV offers top-notch quality build, ergonomically designed, and packed full of features underwater housing. It has been designed to give the best experience possible when shooting. It also comes with the Vivid Leak Sentinel Vacuum System for your peace of mind that the housing is sealed.


Isotta Sony A7R IV Underwater Housing

*Ferrari of the Sea, Stylish, Compact*

The Isotta Sony A7R IV Underwater Housing is built from a high quality aluminum and has been well designed making it lightweight, built to last and has excellent ergonomics. It has a double o-ring seal system which ensures that the camera is safe inside the housing and drastically reduces the risk of flooding. It also has a unique single-handed locking system for an effortless locking. Handles are designed to be curved for comfortability and controls are easily accessible even while wearing thick gloves. Button, levers and dials placement has been well thought of so that all controls are readily available at your finger tips. 

AquaTech Canon EOS R5 Edge Water Housing

AquaTech Sony A7R IV Edge Water Housing

*Fantastic for Surf and Snorkeling*

The AquaTech Sony a1, A7S III, A7R IV, A9 II Edge Housing is an amazing underwater housing for snorkeling & surf shooting. The Footprint is small & compact and is made from polycarbonate material which makes it lightweight. Setting up the camera to the housing is also a breeze. Camera operation is simple and easy to use. It is only rated to 10m/33ft which makes it perfect for shallow shooting, and capturing awesome surf and split shots. 2 color options to choose from - orange and grey.

Marelux Sony A7R IV MX-A7R IV Underwater Housing


Marelux Sony A7R IV MX-A7R IV Underwater Housing

*Made from Durable Alluminum Alloy*

This Marelux Sony A7R IV underwater housing is built from high-grade aluminum alloy which provides durability and can withstand even the toughest beatings. Ergonomics are also top-notch, all camera controls are readily available at your fingertips and all buttons are clearly labeled. Thanks to its small size, it is great to travel with. Assembling the housing itself and installing a camera is a breeze with its quick release plate so you can spend more time under the water and less time setting up your gear. With a depth rating of 100m, this housing is an excellent option for both recreational divers as well as technical divers.




Sony A7R III Camera

Full Sony A7R IV Review | Purchase the Sony A7R IV Camera


The Sony A7R IV camera builds upon the high-end Sony Full Frame mirrorless line with some great improvements over the previous A7R III. The most notable is the increase in resolution to 61 megapixels, making the Sony A7R IV the highest resolution full-frame camera in the world. There have also been some awesome improvements to the A7R IV's autofocus capability, with more phase detection autofocus points. The difference in autofocus acquisition from the A7R III is noticeable. Check out our review below for the complete information on the many improvements featured in the Sony A7R III.

The Sony A7 III is similar to the A7RIV, but it has less megapixels, and better high ISO performance. It made our list of best cameras for underwater video.

Sony A7R IV quick Specs:

  • 61 MP Full Frame Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor
  • Updated BONZX Image Processor
  • Updated pixel shift which now combines 16 still photos to produce a 240 MP photo
  • Improved autofocus capability
  • Eye Animal AF Tracking
  • Electronic Viewfinder with 5.7 M dots
  • New Multi Interface Shoe (for audio)







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