Nauticam Canon 1DX Mark II Underwater Housing

Nauticam Underwater Housing for the Canon 1DX Mark II
Nauticam Underwater Housing for the Canon 1DX Mark IINauticam Underwater Housing for the Canon 1DX Mark II

Nauticam Canon 1DX Mark II Underwater Housing

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Nauticam Housing Features

Patented Port Locking System - Unveiled on the very first Nauticam DSLR housing in 2009, this locking lever has become a signature of the Nauticam brand. No twisting or threading action is required to mount a port, and it locks securely in place with this lever. Nauticam also offers locking port extensions, meaning a dome will never twist, even when used with a long extension ring.

Housing Locking Latches - The industry's easiest to use housing closure system, requiring very little hand strength to operate, secures the housing back in place. The latches are safely locked to prevent accidental opening, but are easy to open when needed for a quick battery or memory card change.

Multi-controller Pad & Piano Keys - Located within easy reach of the right thumb, ergonomically operates the 1DX Mark II Multi-controller joystick. Full directional control is available, including diagonals, for fast focus point or menu selection. Piano keys, unveiled on the Nauticam housing for Canon 7D in 2009, bring the Quick Control and SET functions out to the housing handle for quick changes.

Mission Control - The right hand grip features a cluster of key camera controls, all placed ergonomically for fingertip access. Shutter Release, AF-On, Video Rec, Main Dial, Quick Control Dial, M. Fn., and ISO are all conveniently located.

Fn and Pv Assignable Function Keys - One of 19 available camera functions can be assigned to this oversized, tactile lever for easy operation.

Integrated Vacuum Monitoring and Leak Detection - Circuitry included as standard equipment provides constant monitoring of water tight integrity when combined with an optional Nauticam M16 Vacuum Valve II (PN 25625).

Vacuum System Reset Button - Vacuum system reset button allows the electronic monitoring system to be reset from the port opening, without removing the housing back, for fast lens changes with the security and confidence of constant vacuum monitoring.

Stainless Steel Handle Brackets - Stiffening handle brackets are included with the housing. These brackets eliminate any flex or wobble when using big strobes, and provide multiple attachment points for lanyards or other accessories.

Ergonomic Rubberized Grips - Another legendary Nauticam feature, these rubberized grips have been used every Nauticam DSLR housing release, and are some of the most comfortable in the business.

Clear Control Labeling - All camera cont rols are clearly labeled, allowing easy identification.

Double Thumb Levers - Oversized double thumb levers, easily reached from the housing grips, and operational while wearing cold water gloves are a nauticam signature. These levers access AF-On, Video Rec/Live View, Info, and Playback.

Price: $5,600.00

A vacuum valve offers an instant pressure check on your o-ring seal to help prevent floods.
An external viewfinder greatly magnifies the image you see through the camera's built in viewfinder.
Select the arm and clamp combination of your preference. The 5" + 8" arms offer the best flexbility for positioning your strobe.
The flash trigger allows you to bypass the camera flash but still use fiber optic cables, allowing for continous shooting without reliance on electrical cables. *Compatible with YS-D2J when the Nauticam Universal Fiber Optic cable is used*
Adding a strobe will drastically improve your underwater images. Strobes bring back the colors that are otherwise lost underwater at depth and allow you to optimize exposure.
Focus lights have less power and are designed to help your camera focus quicker in low light conditions. The prices listed here include the light and mounting option.
Video lights are a critical component to any high-quality underwater video. Adding video lights will drastically improve your underwater video by bringing back the colors that are rapidly lost at any depth.
Choose your port based on your lens. Prices include port, extension ring and zoom gear when required.
Wets lenses can be taken on or off underwater, and are highly recommended for exceptional photos