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Nauticam Nikon D5 Underwater Housing

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Nauticam Nikon D5 Underwater Housing

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Product Overview:

The new Nauticam NA-D5 housing incorporates advances from the NA-D4 that came before it, but features enhanced ergonomics, a more sophisticated flash triggering system, and reduced size / weight.

In the NA-D4, key controls, such as ISO, Video Record, and Playback, and Info were dramatically routed out to the housing grips.  Nauticam recognizes that advanced DSLR cameras, and advanced DSLR users, rely on these functions more than ever to realize the full potential of advanced imaging systems.  

Advanced high iso and video functionality in modern DSLR cameras has redefined what “essential controls” are really essential. Buttons that seem like an afterthought in the D5 camera control layout, such as Info (which displays shooting data on the 3.2" color lcd screen), are critical for use in the housing.  This button is routed to the left handle for convenient access.  AF-ON, Movie Record, Playback, ISO, Pv, Fn1, Fn2 and Live View are all handled similarly.  Considerable design and manufacturing resources go into this ergonomic reshuffling, but the benefit to the user experience makes is worth the effort.

Included Flash Trigger!

The entire external flash triggering system has has been reworked from the ground up in NA-D5, increasing ease of use, setup convenience, and reliability.  A new LED flash triggering system is standard in every housing.

The Nikonos style bulkheads included in NA-D4/NA-D4s have been replaced by an integrated LED flash trigger.  This optical flash trigger can fire at the full 14fps of the camera (mirror locked up). Optical systems, with fiber optic cables linking the external flashes to the housing, are far more reliable than any electrical sync cable system.

The LED trigger circuitboard is mounted inside the housing, and connected to the camera with a hotshoe cable.  This new system is more powerful than the hotshoe mounted LED triggers used in the past, and is compatible with all currently available optically triggered flashes!  Powered by two CR2032 batteries, battery life is measured in the tens of thousands of flashes, driven by incredibly efficient electronics.  With good batteries, we expect 3-5 years of service, up to 50,000 exposures.

Users of legacy flashes without optical triggering are able to add accessory Nikonos (26074) or Ikelite (26075) style bulkheads for electrical flash sync.  These bulkheads plug into the LED trigger board for clean cable routing, and reliable connection.

Nauticam D5 Recommended Lenses:

  • Nikon 16-35mm F4 (1st choice) or Sigma 12-24mm for sharks, pelagics, pool shoots
  • Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens (1st choice) or Sigma 15mm fisheye lens for coral reefs, close focus wide angel
  • NIkon 24-70mm F2.8 for a mid-range zoom
  • Nikon 105mm VR macro (1st choice) or Nikon 60mm F2.8 macro for smaller stuff, macro, supermacro

Choosing Dome Ports for the Nikon D5:

  • Zen 100mm glass dome for the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye
  • Nauticam 140mm glass dome for the Sigma 15mm or Nikon 16mm fisheye
  • An 8 or 9-inch dome port for all non-fisheye wide-angle lenses, and also for great over-unders with a fisheye lens

Recommended Accessories

Nauticam NA-D5 Features:

  • Depth Rating 100m
  • Weight 3.67kg
  • Patented Port Locking System - no twisting o-rings
  • Unique Housing Latches - Red locking tabs
  • Easy to use Multi Controller Pad
  • Integrated Vacuum Monitoring and Leak Detection
  • Stainless Steel Handle Brackets
  • Ergonomic Rubberized Handles
  • Easy to read control labels
  • Integrated Flash Trigger

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We offer lifetime support with all purchases.
Please call or email us with any questions, our knowledgeable staff would love to assist you.

Weight: 10.00 LBS
Dimensions: 12.00 (in) × 10.00 (in) × 14.00 (in)
Free Worldwide Shipping: No
Brand: Nauticam

We offer lifetime support with all purchases.
Please call or email us with any questions, our knowledgeable staff would love to assist you.

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