Bluewater Photo's Best Stocking Stuffers

Bluewater's Best Stocking Stuffers

bluewater's best stocking stuffers

It's HOLIDAY season at BLUEWATER PHOTO! As Christmas comes around the corner, we thought we'd give you our list of this year's best STOCKING STUFFERS for the underwater photographer in your life. We have the perfect gifts for ANY BUDGET, from creative tools to camera care odds-and-ends.



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Under $100

Eneloop batteries are the gold standard of batteries for underwater photography. Eneloop Ni-MH "Low Self Discharge" batteries utilize Panasonic's advanced rechargeable battery technology allowing them to be recharged up to 2100 times. They are perfect for use with underwater strobes like the Sea & Sea YS-D2J, Ikelite DS 51, Isotta RED 64 and more! 
The ultimate scratch restoring and polishing kit for your acrylic dome ports. Perfect for repairing dome port scratches! This kit works on acrylic (plastic) domes, not on glass domes.
The SeaLife Aquapod Mini is a great camera pole that for taking photos and video underwater. It is completely collapsible and is built from polycarbonate material and marine grade anodized aluminum. It extends from 15.5 inches (39cm) to 38 inches (97cm) which allows you to get your camera close to your subject yet maintaining your distance.  

Huge Sale on GOBE Dive & Video Lights - The best stocking stuffer
$79 and up
Gobe dive lights are our favorite small-sized dive lights. They are the easiest dive lights on the market to operate, charge, and the light heads are interchangeable! Use "spot" for diving and lobster, "wide" for video!
  Gobe 500 spot Gobe 800 Spot  
  $79 $119 $119  
  Gobe 1000 Wide Gobe Nightsea UltraViolet Light Gobe Dual Video Light Kit for GoPro & Action Cameras  
  $128 $128 $299  


Are you getting blue, washed-out video with your GoPro? Flip Filters are a great way to get your warm colors back in your underwater video! The One Filter Kit is great for normal dive profiles, the Three Filter Kit gives you a little more control over your color, and the Pro Package includes an additional +15 macro lens
Up to $20 Off on Selected Filter Kits
  Flip7 One Filter Kit Flip7 Three Filter Kit Flip7 Pro Package + FREE Pouch  






Under $300

The Saga magic tube is a simple tool with infinite creative potential to change your photography. It allows you to produce creative images with a circular reflection. It has a 67mm thread, compatible with most macro ports on the market. It's compatible with 100mm and 105mm macro lenses. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who wants to give a creative gift for the holidays!
Sample Image:
Anemonefish photographed with the Nikon Z6 camera, Nikon 105mm macro, Isotta Z6 housing, dual Sea & Sea YS-D2J strobes, reefnet fiber optic snoot, Saga magic tube. f/16, 1/200, ISO 160


The Bluewater macro lens is a classic, must-have wet lens for any underwater macro photographer. It's great for beginner's looking to take their first steps into macro photography and professionals looking to stack lenses for amazing supermacro photos. The Bluewater +7 is the perfect stocking stuffer for the underwater photographer in your family!


This is a light we can put our name behind! The Bluewater focus light is the perfect workhorse focus light. It has a 1000 lumen beam, a single on/off switch, a red spot light, and an 80 minute burn time on full power. The light is nice and soft and won't show up in your photos, and the red light is perfect for not scaring away fish!
The Saga Magic Ball Lens is an innovative and creative lens that provides a unique and pleasing output. It produces a tack-sharp circular fisheye bubble effect image with bokeh backgroud. The lens has a unique design which is comprised of 2 parts, a lens is inside a sealed air compartment which creates the bubble effect and the other lens would product a soft and pleasing bokeh. 
Sample Image: 
The Sola 2500 flood video light is a compact, light-weight, ergonomic light with a smooth beam and 2500 lumens of output. It's controlled with a single switch and features a simple plug-and-charge design. Perfect for use with a GoPro or Paralenz, macro video and focusing. Limited quantity. This is an exclusive deal, only found at Bluewater! 
The new Kraken compact wet lens is a lightweight, miniature wide-angle lens for compact camera housings, like the Olmypus TG and Sony RX100 series housings. It has an optical element for superior image quality to air lenses and a wide 90 degree field of view!

Snoots are amazing little devices that isolate strobe light to a small area in order to isolate your strobe lighting onto a small subject. They are the easiest tools to use for producing black backgrounds in your macro photography. The reefnet fiber optic snoot is one of our top snoots. It's flexible and moves light through a bundle of fiber optic cables, rather than the traditional snoot cone. 
Example Image:
Nembrotha kubaryana nudibranch photographed with the Nikon Z6 camera, Isotta Z6 housing, dual Sea & Sea YS-D2J strobes, reefnet fiber optic snoot. f/29, 1/160, ISO 160


Under $500

The GoPro HERO 8 is the newest camera in the ever-popular line of GoPro HERO action cameras. The HERO 8 features a streamlined design with improvements made to its hypersmooth image stabilization, super photo mode, time warp mode, and live burst mode. The HERO8 can take 4K video and is waterproof to 10 meters (33 ft) without a housing. Huge savings promo starts on November 28th!




Under $1000


The Sola Video Pro 9600 light is a professional grade video light that packs a hefty 9,600 lumens with a 90 degree beam. It features an OLED display, fast charging, full power 50 minute burn time, and more.  You will never find a light easier to use underwater. This is a Bluewater exclusive and one of the best deals of the year! Limited quantity. This is an exclusive deal, only found at Bluewater! 
The Paralenz Dive Camera is an amazing little action camera made by divers for divers. This 4K capable dive camera is as easy to use as a flashlight with a single switch and control ring! The camera features a depth rating to 820 ft (250 m) with no housing needed, a battery life of up to 3 hours, 140° angle of view, depth & temperature video overlay, and a depth-based color correction algorithm. $50 of every sale goes to Green Fins, a UN Environment Programme and The Reef-World Foundation Initiative! Sale Starts Nov. 29th!


BONUS GIFT: The World's Easiest Fluorescent Photography Kit

The Ocean has some hidden christmas lights of its own - underwater fluorescence! A great way to unlock the magic of fluorescence is with the Iklite TG-6 Fluoro starter kit. It's as easy as point and shoot! Check out our full review.
Example Image:


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