Isotta is known for its sleek, artisan aluminum underwater housings and accessories. Isotta housings are robust & durable, and have a stylish bright red finish which make them the "Ferrari of the sea".  Isotta produces underwater housings for popular DSLR, mirrorless, compact and action cameras. Their ports and accessories are innovative. We are especially impressed with their TTL flash triggers.


"I was in a hurry to pack up my Isotta Z7 housing when I was leaving our La Paz photo workshop. So I took the housing, with the ports, arms, strobes, and everything still attached, and I stuffed it in my carry on cooler bag. It took two minutes to pack!" - Scott Gietler, Bluewater Photo Owner

"I loved shooting with the Isotta housing during our La Paz workshop. It was one of the most compact, light, and streamlined housings I've shot underwater. The controls were super easy to use, and I had no problem shooting one-handed throughout the dive." - Nirupam Nigam, Underwater Photography Guide